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Mens Shed

Meet every Tuesday at Men's shed at King Valley Mason Hall Come along and share skills, ideas or just a cuppa & chat.
Sheds hold an important place in Australian culture—they can be a reservoir of memories, experiences, as well as a place to share skills and to socialize. We’ve all read reports which tell us that good health is based on many factors including self-esteem, feeling productive and valuable to society, having social relationships and being active. Many retired people have to downsize their living arrangements, often resulting in the man’s personal space, usually a garden shed or workshop, being lost. So the idea of a community shed was born. Here men could come and share a fantastic variety of tools, still pursue their interest in pastimes and hobbies, spend time with blokes of similar interest, learn new skills, use tools for the first time, or keep old skills honed and productive. Here men could also feel viable and vigorous by contributing to community needs—and create projects of personal interest and expertise
Phone KVLE 57279548