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Greta Craft Group

The Greta Craft Group was started with a few women, meeting in their homes and now has over 40 members. It is 35 years old. They meet weekly on a Tuesday (quilters) and/ or Wednesday in the old Greta School. Women of all ages enjoy the weekly activities, where they share their skills in embroidery, stencilling, patchwork, felting, card making and many other craft activities. They support each other, making many new friends, helping each other through hard times and social interaction, with exchange visits to other groups. They also work with the wider community, donating handcrafts to people in need e.g. stoma dolls for the children's hospital; quilts for the elderly and fire victims; teddies for children; Christmas hampers etc. The group exhibits their work, by taking an active part in the local shows; stitch-up festival; quilt exhibitions; local Moyhu Garden expo etc. The King Valley Learning Exchange supports the Greta Craft Group.
Meet at the old Greta School 1395 Glenrowan Road, Greta, 3675